Link2Trust offers a wide range of consulting services for several industries, from SME to large company.

We have the necessary expertise to help you secure your business.

We partner with our clients to analyze current security maturity level and develop together a plan to raise it to the next level(s).

Link2Trust is specialized in Cyptography, Public Key Infrastructure, Key Management Processes and Enterprise Security Architecture, both from an architectural and operational standpoint.

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You are struggling to manage your cryptographic asset or to streamline practices..

Link2Trust has developed highly detailed framework to manage your cryptographic assets which allow you to

  • Define a Framework to Secure Your Assets
  • Get Compliance with Requirements (Regulatory, Industry or Other)
  • Define Governance Model
  • Define Practices, Processes and Procedures
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities
  • Define a Structure to Develop and Maintain Skills

Cryptographic Maturity

Already using cryptography or PKI but experience difficulties to scale to higher stage ?

Identifying yourself behind following questions ?

  • Having trouble with expiring certificates?
  • Can’t see the PKI forest through certificate trees?
  • Unaware of who is consuming your certificates?
  • No idea how Business is impacted by certificates change?
  • Struggling with practices, policies and procedures?

Regain control on your keys and certificates, get in touch

PKI & Digital Certificates management

Simply need to setup and manage your PKI

Link2Trust can help you setting up your PKI or train your staff on managing PKI lifecycle

Cryptography software development

When you need security related application that does not exists …

Link2Trust can help you by developing your product or help you build your Team of developer with the necessary security awareness

Secure coding process

Already having your dream team of developers but need more security ?

About us

Link2Trust is a partnership between CyberSecurity consulting companies focusing on cryptography, architecture and data security.

Specialized in the design of cryptographic service architectures, the definition of cryptographic standards and policies, the design of PKI structures and maturity assessments, Link2Trust has developed a governance framework and maturity model which can enable companies to measure their maturity for their cryptographic services and, on the other hand, use the framework to close the possible gaps.

Additionally Link2Trust specializes in secure software development, DevSecOps assistance and provides cyber-security consultancy.

Johan Kestens

Jacques-Henri De Vos


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